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It goes without saying that writing a good essay is an essential part of the academic years. All students must have experienced composing an essay. Students have gone through short reaction papers to long thesis papers. This is not shocking. Teachers and instructors alike depend on essays to assess their students. Most of the time, they turn to this to know if the students have learned something from the subject or course. But essays are not only for grading purposes. Many students also use essays to state their own opinions or reactions. Most schools have their very own version of a newspaper. This spreads the word of what happens in campus. What other way to do this than essays. From assignments to school papers, essays are definitely vital to many students.

 Though essays are common assignments, many students still struggle in writing one. They consider essay writing a burden and wants to get it over with. But not all students share the same sentiment. On one hand, there are students who excel in this field. They consider essay writing as an outlet, an avenue for their thoughts. Some even see essay writing good for personality development. It is a way to exercise students’ critical thinking skills. Because scientific papers need research, it is a method to harness more knowledge.

Looking at this trend, an agreement has sprouted between these two types of people. The side who likes writing essays offer the side that does not a finished essay for a certain fee. It is not surprising that this has become an industry. When there is a demand for something, there is always a supply.

Like every other industry, this writing service has now transitioned online. This transition has made it easier for both parties to find and transact. There are many top essay writing service like, that has popped up in the internet. They offer professional services in various prices.

Essay service from best graduates of TOP universities

The students who offer essay writing services continue even after graduation. Since they know and like what they do, it is easy for them to squeeze it into their schedule. Like every other type of work, it would not be a burden if you like what you do. They either do it part-time or, if it pays a considerable amount, full-time. There are many cases wherein essay writing is a full-time job. Essay writing may provide them a good source of income after graduating.

Graduates from leading universities have their share of the essay writing industry. They are usually in demand. Since the schools have high standards, their output is high in quality for the most part. Higher quality essays amount to a higher sum.

Many sites offer graduates freelance writing jobs. Even undergraduates can avail this offer. It is a great way to earn money from time to time.

How did they do it?

Before students can get online essay services, they can only transact personally. Transitioning to online has brought growth to the industry. With this there are more clients and more writers.

On the home page of an academic writing site, there are usually fields to answer. This is to determine what the client needs.

First field is the type of paper needed. A client specifies whether he needs a simple essay, or a book review. There is a whole range to choose from. Clients can book jobs like academic writing, dissertations and questions and problems. There are also options for homework help, admissions and editing/proofreading. Other options are business wiring, individual writing up to typing jobs. Different types of papers amount to different prices. Essays are short compared to dissertation papers, that’s why the range. A client can order an essay for 10 dollars the least. Papers like dissertations can amount to hundreds of dollars.

Then there is the academic level of the paper needed. This affects the price depending on the level. There is undergraduate, graduate and professional. Undergraduate papers are easier compared to graduate and professional papers. The fees for these vary. Graduate and professional papers need a higher quality.

Other factors that affect the fee are deadline and number of pages. With assignments, comes due dates. It is important for the client to specify when they need the paper. There is also the number of pages or number of words. Assignments usually have these requirements.

Time management is vital in this kind of work. Since there are deadlines, this is very important. Online essay writing services times are flexible. It is up to the freelance writer what type of writing job to accept. They work on their own time. But since the jobs are time-sensitive, it is also up to the writer how to manage it.

Work flow is something freelance writers or students can develop. This is to make their jobs easier. Most writers research before they start a job. They do this so that they have something to write about the topic. They also gather sources related to the topic. It is important for a writer to cite when they use another work or paper. Plagiarism is a serious offense, especially in this industry.

Professional writers avoid this. There are proper ways to cite someone else’s work. Examples are MLA, APA and Chicago-style.

Another thing writers do is outlining. They do this when they have done their research about the topic. Outlining helps writers keep on track. This works great when writing essays. No matter how long or short the writing job is. This method keeps one organized while working. In outlining, remember to include all the necessary points relevant to the topic.

Good Start-up for students after university

Most academic writing sites require a minimum number of years’ experience from an applicant. To start being a freelance writer, it is always helpful to have a portfolio—examples of an aspiring writer’s work to showcase. This can help the writer book writing jobs.

There are many topics that the aspiring writer can tackle. Topics for essay writing in English samples can be found everywhere. An essay is a short story. Topics that are interesting to the writer will help to gain a high end quality paper. Having high end quality papers in a writer’s portfolio will definitely boost his advantage.

Minimum years’ experience in academic writing will give the freelance writer an advantage when applying. There are tons of academic writing sites looking for great writers all over the world. There a many sites from China to Germany to essay services from Canada. Any student can find a site online that can cater to their academic paper needs.


About service

The website,, is one of the reliable essay writing sites. They are already a five-year company.  The web service was designed for premium content writers and researchers. They hire freelance academic writers with at least 2 years’ experience. They offer the highest compensation per page. The team also provide tools needed to produce high quality papers.

Time management is important to the team. They need writers that can respond to urgent issues. Uniqueness of paper is paramount to the team. With that, they expect writers to be able to use correct reference and citation.

Daily online presence and phone availability is needed from the writers. Since there are new academic writing jobs every single day. 24/7 computer and internet availability is needed.

The team encourage experienced graduates to apply. Bachelors to PhD degree holders are welcome. To be part of the team, writers should have to register through the site. will review the application. Results will come out within seven days. Writers will have access to orders list, once approved. Writers will manage their own work load. They can work part-time or full-time. It all depends on the order details the writers signed up for.

There are two types of writers in There are the regular writers that get an approximate 3 dollars and up per page. Then there are the premium writers where all orders start at the minimum 4 dollars per page.

Premium writers have full access to all the orders including Master’s and PhD level papers. For a regular to become a premium, they have to gain at least fifteen positive order feedbacks from the clients.

Payment for fulfilled orders is issued twice a month. That is every first and fifteenth day of the month. The company reserves the right to hold payment for orders two weeks after completion. Not to worry. Payment will be released once the company obtain feedbacks from the client.

We, along with a team from, do inform future applicants that inactive writers will be deactivated after one month of inactivity. Respect and good work ethics are important. Constant improvement is promoted by A live chat with the team is available to the writers to answer any queries.


Essay writing is truly a vital part of the student life. But it does not mean that it stops once a student graduates. Essay writing is a skill that is needed in most jobs. Many sites hire freelance writers to compose different academic write-ups. This skill can be an entire career. There are many sites that offer the best paper service. There is a lot to choose from.

A tip to aspiring writers: When overwhelmed, write five original sentences. The standard three-point essay is really just made up of five original sentences, surrounded by supporting paragraphs. Don’t forget to have fun writing.